The workplace is evolving at a fast pace - it's a great opportunity to attract and retain the best talent but employers must adapt and can't afford to stand still.'  Elizabeth Judson

How things are changing....


Organisational turbulence and related unmanageable levels of stress are increasingly becoming part of everyday experience in the modern workplace, negatively affecting the bottom-line, employee performance, workplace culture, and the health and wellbeing of employees.  This is not sustainable.

At the same time, we're seeing an increase in the expectations that employees have of their worklife experience which Hummingbird believes has arisen from the fact that new generations entering the workforce have different needs to previous generations.  This creates an opportunity to move away from the old-style 'factory' culture and harness new expectations in a way that makes the best of great talent and keeps up with current trends and technological advancement.


How we can help you….

Elizabeth Judson, Director, has been an employment solicitor for ten years.  During that time she has identified specific patterns in the workplace that lead to unrest, conflict, under-performance and stress.  So it seems to be a bit of a no-brainer that if we can prevent issues from arising that’s really good for everyone. 

Elizabeth is also a bit of a psychology geek and has seen how meeting the needs of your people creates harmonious and productive working environments.  What could be better for business than having happy, motivated and engaged employees.   

Why is this so important to you and your employees….

Investing in this approach will lead to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity and engagement, thereby maximising profit and reducing overheads.  You will become an employer of choice, attracting good recruits and reducing staff turnover.  It will future-proof your organisation and ensure strong succession planning.  It will also assist you in complying with your duty of care to your employees under health and safety legislation, reducing the risk of litigation and reducing the time spent by managers in dealing with staffing issues.

What our clients say about us....

"Thank you Elizabeth for a really useful and engaging workshop. It went down well and our team all took something away from it. We would happily recommend this to anyone for their staff day!" Kate Fisher, Parkin S Booth & Co

"Thank you ever so much for being our expert speaker today. You were brilliant! I can’t believe how quickly the time passed, and no doubt we could have continued learning and discussing your really interesting and pertinent topics for many more hours. The group found your presentation really valuable."  Donna Okell, NFP Assist

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